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Frequently Asked Questions

Expect to answer fundamental questions about your lifes story, including memories of your family and childhood. Well mutually agree on the topics, allowing you to contemplate your responses in advance. This is important as your narrative will be preserved for future generations.
The location is flexible: it could be at your home, office, or a place that holds special significance to you. If the interview is conducted outdoors, we will also capture additional footage at locations that are meaningful to you.

Please allocate a minimum of two days for recording.

This is entirely up to you. The journalists appearance in the video is not a necessity.
Gathering a substantial collection of photos, videos, and other memory- related materials is crucial for the successful creation of your documentary. The more content you provide, the richer the final product
will be.
Yes, this can be arranged. Such a message will only be shared with your family after your passing.
We will formalize a confidentiality agreement to safeguard your testimony, which will be securely stored until the appropriate time.
The primary purpose of your video is for personal and family archival. Should there be a need, we will seek your written consent to share a brief 3-minute trailer on our website.
Yes, we can arrange for the interview to take place across various locations, cities, or municipalities. Note that this may influence the cost of the selected package.

Absolutely. The original material will be yours to keep.

Certainly! We can focus on any aspect of your life that you wish to highlight in the documentary.
Upon completion of the initial edit, we will present you with the first draft. You will have the opportunity to request any changes before the final version is finalized.
Do you want to tell your story?
Dont hesitate to do so.