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My story

Patricia Janiot, is a Colombian journalist with almost 40 years of experience in Colombian and American media. After starting her career at Caracol Radio, the journalistic program Testimonio, and the television news program Criptón, Patricia moved to the United States, where she anchored news and informational programs for Univision in Los Angeles and New York. Later, she served as the main anchor for CNN en Español for 27 years and then as one of the principal news anchors and journalists on the Univision network.
Patricia has covered numerous global events, including political and social crises, conflicts, elections, and natural disasters. She has reported from various regions around the world and has conducted countless interviews with prominent figures, including most of the Latin American presidents of the last three decades such as Augusto Pinochet, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chávez, U.S. presidents like Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, and figures like Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and Dan Brown, among
Throughout her decades-long career, she has earned a reputation for her in-depth reporting, incisive analysis, and outstanding communication skills, making her a prominent figure in public opinion throughout the continent.
Her work in the media has earned her significant recognition, including three Emmy Awards, the National Journalism Award from the Mexican Journalists Club, the Golden Mic Award, and the Inte Award. Her name is on the Hispanic Media 100 list of the most influential Hispanics in U.S. media. She has also been honored with the Dean Award for her social service work from the George Washington University School of Public
Policy. In her native Colombia, she has received numerous awards, including the Order of Merit Manuela Beltrán, Colombian at Heart, Cafam Woman, Woman of the Year, and Women of Success.
In 2012, she was awarded the “Champions of Change” award by the White House for her humanitarian work. This prestigious award is given to Hispanic leaders supporting development in their home countries. In 2013, she received the Women Together; award from the United Nations for her journalistic work and her role as the founder and president of the board of the Colombianitos Foundation.
Currently, Patricia hosts and directs "What happened to what happened?; her new journalistic program on YouTube, and leads the production of personal legacy documentaries. She is married to Miguel Yelós, with whom she has two children, Tábatha and Tadeo Yelós.

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